What is a Charter School? - A charter school is a public school just like your neighborhood school. Where we are different is in our approach to education. We have more flexibility to change the rules and curriculum. We are not bound by all the union rules, California Ed code, and district ties. The John Adams Academy can focus on academics and stay true to what we believe is a great educational model.

What is the Dress Code? - Uniforms will be worn. Generally it will be khakis and a John Adams Academy Polo in red, white, or blue. 

What will tuition be? - FREE! The John Adams Academy is a Free Public Charter School, there is no tuition. We are state funded and depend on Average Daily Attendance for this funding. Please make sure your child comes to school everyday they are healthy, or if you are planning on missing 2 or more days, please ask us about independent study.

What are the class sizes going to be? - Our current goal is to keep class-sizes between 26-30. While some districts have kept K-3 class sizes between 20-25 through the class-size reduction program, John Adams Academy is not eligible for this funding. We hope that the state of California will reconsider and we may apply to this program in the future.

How do I begin to prepare my family for the classical education they will receive at JAA? Read "A Thomas Jefferson Education" (copies available at all JAA events), read and discuss the classics with your family, journal your thoughts and readings. Start talking now about the rigors of a highly academic school and the Socratic method.

What can we do as a family to support JAA?  Please join us at our educational and fundraising events. Tell your friends and neighbors about John Adams Academy

Why do you require parent volunteers?  As a charter school we have the opportunity to give to the school in many ways which helps the educators focus on the teaching and not other issues. How do my hours count?  Many different activities will count toward the 40 hour total required of each family. We will have clean-up and work party days, volunteering in the classroom, and many more activities. 

How do I become a mentor? Please click here to learn more and apply Mentors

If you have a questions please use the Contact Us link